Great Falls Park flooding – May 2011

The Potomac River continues to flood into May 2011.  The water levels are going down slowly.  The rain from this week in the mountains is still making the river very full of water, and other items such as trees and tires.

These photos and video are from May 21, taken from the Maryland side of the Great Falls National Park (C & O Canal).

*Republished in 2013 (junk comment overload on the original post)

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Potomac River Flooding Spring 2011

The Potomac River was high enough this spring to cause flooding below Great Falls. This photo was taken near the Angler’s entrance to the park on April 29, 2011.

The water may have been high, but there were many kayakers on the river.  Not sure if the flower in this photo made it, as the fast-moving water that day was pulling at the plant.

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C & O Canal Biker

A bicyclist along the C & O (Chesapeake & Ohio) Canal, Maryland.

Canal Biker, Maryland

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