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Other photos

Man - Television Link

canal bicyclist - Spring 2004
Canal biker

Great falls park canal path stretches for over 100 miles.

        goose and goslings family - Spring 2004
   Goose family
    Papa, Mama, and 4 goslings all in a row,
    swimming down the C&O canal.

 Small gorge on the Potomac River
Potomac Sunset
 Small gorge on the Potomac River, viewed from a bridge on the way to Olmstead Island.




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Great Falls National Park

May 2004 - Maryland side

Great Falls National Park is located on both the Maryland and Virginia sides of the Potomac River (Map). All of these photos were taken on a single visit to the park in May 2004. Click on each for a larger version.

Sign on the boardwalk - Olmstead Island
Sign on the boardwalk - Olmstead Island
  (US Park officers patrol often!)

Butterflies in a line
Toad croaking near the Potomac River. Spring 2004

(aka MUDderflies!)

These butterflies were clinging to the mud by the river bank, resting in a slight breeze.

butterflies close up

    Butterflies closeup photo


beaver or muskrat in canal

Beaver or muskrat (likely) in the canal.
See the short movie showing swimming.

canal lock with waterfall
   Blue Herons

Blue Heron

Blue herons looking for dinner - sunset at the big falls (Great Falls Park).
Click on the photo for a larger view of three herons - the third heron on the upper right is deciding how to try and eat what it picked up.

goose walking in stalking style

Potomac Sunset
Sunset on the Potomac River, with a view of Great Falls.






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   tall tree
 Tall tree
 Tree stretching up next to the Potomac River.

 spring peeper - toad
 Spring Peeper
 Riverside toad pausing between hops.

   canal lock with waterfall
 Canal lock & waterfall
 Throw a coin in, make a wish for luck.

   canal lock with waterfall
 Blue Herons Squabbling
 These two herons were trying to settle a disagreement - or maybe it was a lover's quarrel?

  canal lock with waterfall
 Trail Maintenance
 Logs peices sprinkled at the sides of the trail.





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